Tree Trimming

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Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming is important in maintaining the health and beauty of your trees.  Limbs are selectively removed to provide clearance, reduce risk, improve the aesthetic, or to improve the tree’s structure.

Why you should not “top” a tree-  Not all companies trim trees the same way.  Some companies “Top” trees.  We do not.  “Topping” is the practice of  removing all or most of the outer canopy in order to make the tree shorter or smaller.  This is not a good practice because it destroys much of the foliage that a tree needs to survive, and because it can negatively affect the structure and growth pattern of the tree.

We trim trees the right way-  It’s important to trim trees properly to promote their health and longevity. Unlike some other companies, we do not use climbing spikes when trimming a tree because spikes can cause damage and spread disease.  We are members of the Tree Care Industry Association and we follow ANSI 300 guidelines for trimming trees.